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Hope is on the Horizon!
Together we can transform pancreatic cancer into a curable disease.

How do clinical trials get launched and which ones are taking place at Johns Hopkins? Do you know the difference between genetics and genomics and why this should matter to you? And how close are we to developing a pancreatic cancer vaccine?

To discuss these topics, we hope you will join Lustgarten Foundation CEO, Linda Tantawi, and Program Scientist, Sejin Chung, PhD along with Trish Brothers, Dea Cunningham, and Beth Onners; three of the most accomplished RNs at Johns Hopkins Medicine.

This is your time to learn and our pleasure to spend it with you.

Moderated by: Linda Tantawi, CEO, Lustgarten Foundation

Featured Speakers

Clinical Trials:
Where we Begin and Why
• Sejin Chung, PhD
What is Underway at Johns Hopkins
• Trish Brothers, BSN, RN, OCN
• Beth Onners, RN, MSN

Genetics vs. Genomics:
• Dea Cunningham, RN, MSN

Cancer Vaccines:
• Sejin Chung, PhD
• Beth Onners, RN, MSN



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